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Going Green

Whether you want to save some green in your wallet or do your part to save the environment Gilley Electric can Help.

The big push today is to save money. Most people are buying compact fluorescent lamps to reduce the amount of electricity that they are using. Although this will help reduce your electric bill slightly most people do not consider the environmental hazards of doing this. Fluorescent lamps require mercury to operate. If you do use compact fluorescent lamps you should consider carefully how you dispose of old lamps and be very careful not to break the lamps inside your house, because of the toxic effects of mercury.

What other options do you have?

Did you know that by installing a dimmer you will double the life of your light bulbs. Combine that with a 15{c54783ff962753efbff5d96ed836dfba28c17211ef4f2ef788baa224f57ecbb9} energy savings and you can start seeing real savings right away. By simply installing a Lutron dimmer you save energy and help the environment, WITHOUT EVEN DIMMING THE LIGHT!!! Plus by installing a dimmer you can set the perfect mood for watching your favorite movie, entertaining guests, or a romantic dinner for two. You can’t do that with a compact fluorescent. Now, if you do decide to dim that light, you save even more. By dimming a light to 50{c54783ff962753efbff5d96ed836dfba28c17211ef4f2ef788baa224f57ecbb9} you will save 40{c54783ff962753efbff5d96ed836dfba28c17211ef4f2ef788baa224f57ecbb9} on energy costs and extend the life of the bulb by ten times.